Colored Plaster


• Alexa Colored Plaster

Alexa Plaster is a cement-based coating, whose adhesion properties and performance and efficiency have been improved through the addition of pigments, aggregates and polymeric materials. This coating is used in the form of one or more thin layers to act as a liner and the final layer of walls and ceilings. Alexa Plaster can be sprayed on the surfaces manually or using a plaster pump. Furthermore, Alexa Plaster may be applied on all types of concrete surfaces, cement and clay blocks, autoclaved aerated concrete blocks (AAC) and cement plasters inside and outside the building.

  • The intended surfaces, where Alexa Plaster is to be applied, must be durable and clean. Accordingly, it is necessary to have any kind of cement waste, grease and dirt removed from the surfaces before application.
  •  Alexa Plaster is designed for use on dry surfaces. However, in very hot and dry climates, depending on the method of use (manual or machine), the surface should be moistened before application.


• Preparation

Add the Alexa Plaster powder to the water gently and mix it with a mechanical or electric mixer until an even and a consistent concentration is obtained. Alexa Plaster may also be mixed by hand for minor jobs. The amount of clean water required for a bag is in accordance with the values shown in the table below. After the initial mixing, wait 10 minutes for all the additives to dissolve thoroughly, then stir the mixture again. The plaster is now ready for use.


Thickness of Applied Layer

Consumption Rate Per Square Meter

Amount of Required Water




28%-32% of Weight

Alexa Plaster


• Environmental conditions:

Alexa Plaster is designed for use in both hot, dry and moderate climates. Consistently, the ambient temperature when applying the plaster should be above + 5 ° C.

• Conventional method of application

First, fill any existing holes, cracks, and depressions in the brick walls with a cement-based coating, such as sand and cement mortar. Next, cover and level the entire surface with Alexa Plaster. If a second layer is needed, apply it the next day using a spray.


• Curing

Because of the polymer compounds and additives, Alexa Plaster does not need to be treated with water under normal conditions. However, when exposed to extremely hot and dry conditions, the surface should be sprayed with water, preferably one day after the initial application.


• Storage

 Keep bags above the ground level and away from rain. If stored in a dry place, the unopened bags may be kept for up to one year.


• Safety

All safety precautions and first-aid conditions regarding the use of cement mortars must be observed closely.


Alexa Plaster Specification Table


ire Reaction Rating

Water Vapor Permeability Coefficient

Amount of Existing Air (%)

Min. Efficiency Lifespan (hrs.)

Capillary Water Absorption Rating

Adhesion after Weathering Cycles (MPa)

Minimum Adhesion Resistance (MPa)

Compressive Strength Rating

Density of Hardened Mortar (kg / m3)

Type of Mortar